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Who We Are

BPP CARE LTD is one of the leading recruitment agencies for health care professionals in England and Wales. Our team of staff comprises highly trained and skillful health care professionals. As a result, BPP CARE LTD has been providing consistently highly skilled, Nurses and health care support workers to NHS, private hospitals, nursing homes and Care Centres within England and Wales since 2014.

Over the years, BPP CARE LTD has taken the sole responsibility in ensuring the competence, integrity, reliability and qualifications of its staff are updated through a continual professional development programme in line with our clients’ various needs. Based on this, it is a prerequisite in BPP CARE LTD that all its staffers obtain care certificates trained from a recognized institution in England and Wales in conjunction with our in-house training which we offer prior to the commencement of various assignments by each staff member.

We supply a range of experienced and well-trained health care professionals both on short and long term contracts

Employee Support

We help our staff to develop in their careers, through assisting them to go under various trainings in order to meet the requirements of our clients at highest level. We also assist our staff through consultations in order for them to maintain professionalism and dignity at all times, through our experienced compliance team. 

What our clients are saying

‘Fantastic agency. The team are supportive and attentive, Great recruitment team who genuinely value skills and experience, thanks Sam and team!’

Care Home Manager – Manchester

The communication was great any issues i just contacted the office and again they worked with you. Don't really have anything bad to say.

Shift Manager – NHS Blackpool

Download Timesheet

Download Timesheet